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Textiles collections
of branded
textile items


Textiles that perfectly meet your requirements. The G BRANDED portfolio includes everything from quick, standardised solutions (refining of existing textiles) to new, complex and unique clothing creations.

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T-Shirts, Poloshirts, Jackets, Hoodies and thousands of other customizable and brandable clothing possibilities.

Professional clothing, fan collections, fashion clothing, promotion - For regional and international companies and brands.

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and strong
for your


Simply, beautiful and great ambassadors for your brand. G BRANDED provides accessories that are tactually, visually and functionally extraordinary. Designed to the exact specifications of your target group, these products are an ideal way to deliver your brands message.

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Caps, Beanies, Bags, Lanyards, Keyrings, Cases, Sleeves – Countless products & possibilities

An exquisite selection of the best materials - stainless steel, silk, cotton, titanium, silicone, aluminum, fine leather, polycarbonate, carbon, ceramics, silver, gold, rubber, jewelery and gemstones...

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OEM Watches
358 pieces –
designed and
engineered from
paper to


A watch is more than a timekeeper and basic commodity. It is used in many different ways, from a pretty accessory to a status symbol by every possible kind of target group.

The perfect brand ambassador:
Reliable, durable, resistant to fashion trends and a constant companion.

Along with your input and long-term experience in your market, G BRANDED develops a unique watch in four phases that truly represents your brand in every single detail.

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Chronographs, Automatics, Sports Watches – for leading brands in the luxury and lifestyle market for over 30 yrs.

A proven workflow with specialized know-how. Learn more about how we approuch your project:

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